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Doodle Me Happy Book Launch + Workshop!

We celebrated the release of the new 'Doodle Me Happy' book last Saturday! Guests joined an intimate Q & A hosted by KMUW reporter, Hugo Phan with Sontia LM.

During the Q&A, Sontia explained that the Doodle Me Happy book was designed to be a creative base for people who may struggle to create pictures of their own. She hopes that the pictures will spark creativity in others and inspire them to doodle something unique and different.

The event was followed by a fun, relaxing doodle workshop, where attendees got to test out some of the exciting designs included in the 'Doodle Me Happy' prompt and coloring book.

We appreciate EVERYONE who came out to support the new Doodle Me Happy Book Launch. Watching the room doodle and color was MAGICAL!

An even BIGGER thank you to Wichita City Arts & Sitting Made Simple for helping us celebrate our special day! Check out all the fun we had below!

To Learn More About Wichita City Arts, Click HERE.

Artist & Printmaker, S. Levine showed off her skills, creating her own beautiful dress with the 'Doodle Expressions' Slay The Runway prompt!


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