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Get Ya Color On Designs Activity Maps For Wichita's Botanica Dinosaur Exhibit

If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, head on over to Botanica Wichita and check out the Dinosaurs Around the World Exhibit! During your visit make sure to grab a passport activity guide designed by our very own, Sontia Levy-Mason, (owner) from Get Ya Color On Studios! Activity guides are free with general admission.

This is Sontia's second year working with Botanica to create & design fun activity guides for families in Wichita that encourage more mobility and exploration throughout the park for their major exhibits.

This years exhibit is Dinosaurs Around The World, a worldwide exhibition that includes 10 animatronics such as the mighty T. rex of North America, the bi-pedal predator Herrerasaurus and more!

This exhibit is available to see and explore May 20th - September 17th, 2023!

Click Here to learn more about Botanica Gardens Wichita & purchase tickets.

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